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Mar 28, 2018

We'll continue to use the same reflection and examen for the rest of the Holy Week. New reflections will be added every Monday.

This is the holiest week of the Christian calendar. Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday, when we remember Jesus’ triumphant entry into the city of Jerusalem, and continues all the way through what’s called the Easter Triduum: Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. For me, one of the most moving parts of Holy Week is how Jesus could go from being celebrated on Palm Sunday to being crucified on Good Friday to being resurrected on Easter Sunday.

Now, I know you’re not Jesus, but I’m sure that your life has gone through some significant ups and downs. So it’s easy to lose hope. But the message of Easter is there’s always hope. Sometimes, though, you have to look hard to find it. Which is why reviewing your day, in the examen, is such a help to your spiritual life. The examen helps you hope.